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by SimonBartik
Dec 2021 - 5.2K views

A Czech ski video ft. Daniel Hanka, Simon Bartik, Voita Bresky, Tereza Korabova, Honza Novotny, Tomas Kroczek, Speedy Freeski, Matej Svancer, Alex Hall and more. Go for an adventure through Czech cities, European snowparks and resorts with some of my best friends. Dedicated to Richie Jurecka.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible:
BigShock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic Shop, Horsefeathers, Insta 360, Armada Skis, Saga Outerwear, Snowpark Zermatt, all Hithit supporters < 3

Simon Bartik - Slav and Friends Trailer

by SimonBartik
Jan 2021 - 506 views

After Slav in America and Slav 2 let me present you another Slavic piece. Dedicated to my friend Richie Jurecka.

Riders: Simon Bartik, Daniel Hanka, Voita Bresky, Tomas Kroczek, Stepan Speedy Hudecek, Alex Hall, Elias Syrja, Tereza Korabova

Supported by: Bigshock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic, Armada, Insta360, Saga Outerwear, people of HitHit

Thanks to everyone involved! Full flick dropping fall 2021

Simon Bartik - BRiNG iT BACK TO ME BABY

by SimonBartik
Jan 2020 - 672 views

Slav 2 remix edit, 3 minutes of skiing. Please consider helping out my upcoming project Slav and Friends here: , you can get plenty of cool things from Armada Skis, Saga Outerwear, or Snowpanic as a reward. Only 4 days left, anything helps, thanks you!:)

Thanks to BigShock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic, Armada, and Saga Outerwear for the support. Thanks to all the filmers and everyone else.

Slav and Friends 2020? pls help

by SimonBartik
Dec 2019 - 692 views

You might saw Slav in America or Slav 2 - my last years projects. Well this season I want to make another one, and I've started crowdfunding site to help me out with it. If you like what I do and want to help out, every penny or share is highly appreciated.

+ You can choose from a large variety of gifts for contributors from my sponsors - Armada Skis, Saga Outerwear or Snowpanic shop.

Here is the crowdfunding link with more info and gifts:
(There is a flag in right corner, you can switch to english version there)

Slav in America (2018) :
Slav 2 (2019) :

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Simon Bartik - Slav in America

by SimonBartik
Oct 2018 - 12.3K views

My Murica experience. Superunknown XV, Mammoth, animals that run and eat stuff, filler phone shots and so on. Hope you will like it if you find some time in nowadays fast instastory world. I wrote more about my trip on vimeo, read the story if you want to. Thanks to Level 1, Mammoth Mountain and Snowpanic for this awesome trip.

Thanks for the shots: Josh Berman, Jonny Durst (Airblaster), Carlo L. Mion, Daniel Kushnarevich, Ian Avery-Leaf, Evan Heath, Ethan Timmons, Milan Formanek.

Special thanks to: Jessy Desjardins, Sam Zahner, Calvin Barret, Mike Cappola, all the filmers, Jakub Janousek, Carlo L. Mion, Remco Kayser, Martin Cermak, Dan Villaire, Davide De Siati, Laura Obermayer, Gavin Rudy, My friends and family, love you.

Featuring also Jessy Desjardins, Remco Kayser, Phil Gauchier, Phil Clairoux, Ethan Swadburg, Gavin Rudy, Mike Cappola, Sam Zahner.

Check out my ig for some more skiing in case you liked it:
And thanks for supporting me through the season: Czech Ski, Armada Skis, Out Of, Snowpanic, Big Shock.

Simon Bartik & Voita Bresky - Winter Tape

by SimonBartik
Sep 2018 - 4.4K views

Big or small features, it doesnt really matter as long as you enjoy skiing them. I made a little recap tape to remember the good times cause it was an amazing winter. Filmed mostly by us or Roman Dalecky.

Simba thanks to: Czech Freeski, Armada Skis, Big Shock, Honor, Snowpanic, Out Of, Just Skiing
Voita thanks to: Czech Freeski, Armada Skis, Smith Optics, Just Skiing

Simon Bartik - Slav 2

by SimonBartik
Nov 2019 - 2.7K views

My last seasons adventures with some of my very best friends. Thanks to everyone who will watch this, let me know what you think:)

Skiing by:
Simon Bartik, Markus Eder, Kai Mahler, Mcrae Williams, Voita Bresky, Alex Ferreira, Matej Svancer, Jonah Williams, Daniel Hanka, Ethan Swadburg, Paul Mistyboy, Tom Ritsch, Simone Canal, Tomas Pec, Sebastian Hein, Remco Kayser, Quin Wolferman, Severin Guggemoos, Michal Pec, Pepe Kalensky, Stepan Hudecek

Thanks to BigShock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic Shop, Armada Skis, Saga Outerwear, Windells Camp, Snowpark Zermatt

Filmed by:
Tomas Hudini, Sami Ortlieb, Gucci Logan, Mark ColaSimon Bartik, Daniel Hanka, Milan Formanek, Roman Dalecky, Voita Bresky, Tomas Pec, Sebastian Hein, Mcrae Williams, Michal Pec, Pepe Kalensky, Jonas Vieder, Ondra Novak

Edited by:
Simon Bartik

Graphic design:
Denisa Kalinova

Petr Bartik

Special thanks to:
My family & friends, Tomas Hudini, Jason Arens, Markus Eder, Sami Ortlieb, Will Wesson, Michal & Tomas Pec, Denis Forbrich, Michal Krsmaru, Davide De Siati, Jakub Janousek, Martin Cermak, Petr Faltysek, Jeremiah Paquette, Roman Dalecky, Michal Pec, Pepe Kalensky, Tomas Kroczek, Linda Novakova, Daniel Hanka, Voita Bresky, Marek Skala, Denisa Kalinova, TeamSESH, Bones & Elliot O'Connor, I Love You Honey Bunny, Augustyn