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Shire Rats // CO Vibes

by ShireRat
Apr 2018 - 332 views

Shire Rats reunite in the sunshine soaked terrain parks of Colorado. Featuring the skiing of Julian Rane, Sean Carpentier, Kody Mayer, Jaron Stadler, Josh Rane, and Dean Spirito.


by ShireRat
Dec 2017 - 779 views

The crew hits up the home turf of Taos New Mexico for some small rails and sunshine carves. Featuring Sean Carpentier, Robbie Forbes, and Joshua Rane. Edit by Joshua…


by ShireRat
Dec 2017 - 472 views

After a loooooooong Indian Summer the gang rallied to the capital of New Mexico vertical ice rinks, Sipapu, with hopes of carving some short turns and sliding mini rails. As long ss Harvey the RV decides to cooperate.

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by ShireRat
Nov 2012 - 596 views

3 laps through the park in Taos ski valley with all the homiez tinted the whole thing to red and set it to a fire ass earl sweatypantys track too bad the editing sucks

Shire Ratz keysone 4/20/14

by ShireRat
Nov 2014 - 609 views

The Shire Ratz shredding Keystone late season Featuring Jaron Stadler, Robbie Forbes, Josh and Julian Rane, Keaun Beacom, and many friends. Thanks Jaron and Kianna, for letting us crash, and all the cru for the fun times. Dedicated to Cooper O'connor Beacom c?per forever