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Oct 2015 - 1.8K views

RUCKUS is a one year project that we filmed 2014/2015. We have been traveling around Norway to find different spots to film on, mostly we have been in Gjøvik, Trondheim and Oslo. Team Bluebird Urban riders Rufus Tangen, Simen Nygård and Ole Andreas Dyrhovden are the guys behind this project. We got together just to film some urban and have fun, but we realized soon that we could make a short movie out of it. This short movie won the Norwegian Competition Friflyt Film Tour and have been playing on 13 different stops around in Norway with other film like TGR - Paradise waits. Rufus, Simen and Ole Andreas also makes out the urban ski cinematography department in Bluebird Productions.

Bring tha RUCKUS

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