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WinterTrash Webisode 2: Livigno

by Roy_Kittler
Mar 2014 - 804 views

In the 2nd installment of our Webisode series WinterTrash the crew headed to Livigno. We meet with our good friend Rafa Cuisini to spend a great time in the land of pizza, which we had plenty of ;) We found great snow, good people, some amazing food and just had a blast over there in beautiful italy. Special thanks goes out to the Carosello 3000 crew, the shape crew and especially Rafa for all the help without this episode would have never turned out so well! I hope you enjoy the show feel free to give us a like and spread the love!

Keystone 12/13

by Roy_Kittler
Jan 2013 - 560 views

In Dec 12/Jan 13 we´ve been to Colorado, for some preseason training + the World Cup at Cooper, which turned out to be pretty much shit for all of us. Anyway we took some time and the opportunity to get some quite cheap Go Pro Hero 3 Black edition cameras and decided to put together a little edit with the footy we got! We all had a great time in the US skiing with friends and not taking things to seriously! Check out what we got! Rider: Dennis Ranalter, Flo Geyer, Roy Kittler Camera: Go Pro Hero 3 Black edition from Safeway Food: Wendy & Taco Bell Filmer: Markus Eder, Dennis Ranalter, Trifo, Flo Geyer, Luggi Brucic, Roy Kittler Fans: TUNA & GRATZAL!!!!

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Sw dub9

by Roy_Kittler
Sep 2009 - 5.7K views

First day trying sw dubs, dunno if it is one, but the feeling was good tho!
spring riding in Mayrhofen austria