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Rocky Mountain Underground was formed from the new society of riders that has been created; adapting to them generated a revolution. The revolution changes the way the global community views an industry, a trend, but furthermore, a lifestyle. This is the revolution. This is the future. Welcome to Rocky Mountain Underground.

RMU is a small company out of Summit County Colorado, building hand made skis and snowboards. Our products are not mass produced and every product is a one off. We will be prototyping until spring of 2009 and introducing are lines when we feel that the products are of the quality that you deserve, tentively in December of 2008, we will sell a few test prototypes. In fall of 2009 we will begin to sell the skis and boards to the top video resumes. We are using some of the best, high end, materials on the market to bring you the best product we can possibly produce.

With in RMU we have four divisions a Ski line, a Snowboard line, a Tele line, and finally Customs. Our Ski and Snowboard lines are aimed to out fit any quiver from the general products like all mountain cruisers to the more specific use products like urban skis and snowboards for example. Keep an eye on our line as we continue to prototype. Our Custom division is for those who want to be dialed to there ski or board. Our customs offer flexibility in the product; you can build your ride exactly how you want it. As a plus after your Custom is complete we offer a quality control day basically we will drag you behind the sleds into some of our favorite spots and make sure you are satisfied. Customs will begin going on sale mid winter 2008.

RMU is composed of individuals who understand the industry. We all know products break, some times understandably, sometimes not. It is here where we got your back, just send it back or stop into our shop and exchange damaged products, no questions asked you are taken care of. It is our mission to never leave someone in a position where equipment is the reason they are not riding. We want our riders, and customers riding.

Finally, we want to keep it real and stay in touch with those we are building for, If we ever stop listening then who are we really building for? RMU is moving to our new shop at the end of July. It is open door policy, come hang out, edit your video with our computer. The majority of the winter if we are not building, we are fixing sleds and at the shop every night, so come offer ideas, tune your gear on our bench, demo some of our products (were working on a few jibs and a wall for the back yard), or just kick back and chill. Ill get more info to all of you when our exact location is final.

RMU also would like to give special thanks to the following.

Chris Myers and the Myers Family. Rocky Mountain Underground would not be here now if it were not for the Myers believing in us and offering support, as well as space to get this thing off the ground. Thanks again you will never be forgotten.

Roger at House of Signs Frisco. Roger thanks again we appreciate the rates on the C.N.C machine. To all who view this Roger is undoubtedly the best sign maker in Summit County.

Frank Towers Sr. Frank thanks for helping us get started with the website .

Justin Williams. Welds are still holding strong thanks.

Anyone we forgot thanks so much for the help and support RMUSKIS

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