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Best Tricks: Spread Eagle, IRON CROSS, and absolutely the most atrocious 360's you've ever seen. I prefer to wear shinguards and pole guards and spandex mainly to be extra cool. .
My Gear: Raichle FLEXON, K2 EXTREME, also SPANDEX and shinguards (Ideally bright yellow).
Skied for the first time in 12 years last week since a bad accident on a dumb ass little jump trying to do 360 in full race gear. I was the only racer/coach that could do a 360 (my best 3's were terrible, let's be honest) the other coaches wanted to see it and try (yes, it's entertaining!) did a couple uglies then one really bad one that I couldn't quite bring around. Din 13. Stuck the landing on the outside ski at 270 degrees. Ski did not release (ACL did). I have dreams sometimes of just skiing, and doing 360's off of whatever like it is no worries. I want to be able to do that. I enjoy big mountain, extreme pitch, natural terrain but looking to up my park game. Only issue is I am not going in the park when there are other people. Too scary. RACER

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