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Word is Bond the Teaser

by PRing
Oct 17th - 497 views

Word is Bond SOON... My street part from the 19/20 season. Special thanks to Owen Dahlberg, Logan Taylor, Spencer Milbocker, and Danny Sokol for filming. Additional thanks to Mom n Dad, Lupe, Pigeon, Mikey, Millbastards, BS board shop, Ewilly, Jayson Rishling, Tyson Hall, Seth Demara, and anyone else who helped this come together.

Hood Pringy

by PRing
May 2019 - 1.8K views

PRing @ Mt hood for spring pass. Filming by Owen Dahlberg and Andrin Tgetgel. Cut by Pringy. Child Labor The Strike otw.

Fisheye Fridays

by PRing
Mar 2019 - 1.6K views

An afternoon @ brighton resort with Dakota Connole & Joe Fusare. Film/cut by Patrick Ring. Panasonic Hvx200a/xtreme.

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by PRing
Nov 2018 - 2.6K views

@child.labor_ @secretagentbussdown @skatecamerasales first edit back from ACL surgery. Thank you @vishnufreeski. Its colorado dude.