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Home Grown

by PBraunstein
Jan 2015 - 3.3K views

Jersey natives Dave Manno, Sam Zahner and Mike Cappola came home from Colorado for the holidays. With bad weather stacked against them, Mountain Creek was still able to produce a fresh hike park to ski throughout the unusually warm December. Filmed//Edited - Paul Brauntein Skiers (In order of appearance): Dave Manno Sam Zahner Mike Cappola

The Prelude

by PBraunstein
May 2012 - 551 views

The first real test flight with the gopro on the new heli. The camera is hardmounted (via a mop handle) to the bottom of the heli hence the vibrations and jerkyness. The camera can not be controlled from the ground nor can the image be seen live.. yet.

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Letter of Marque

by PBraunstein
Oct 2011 - 3.8K views

**PLEASE USE STEREO OR DECENT HEADPHONES** SHOT & EDITED//Paul Braunstein RIDERS//Tim McChesney, Dale Talkington, Will Berman, Ben Moxham, Karl Fostvedt, Nick Goepper, Nicky Keefer, Sean Logan, John Kutcher, Joss Christensen, Tosh Peters, Maks Gorham, Nick Miles.


by PBraunstein
Apr 2011 - 9.8K views

**FoR BEST RESULTS, USE HEADPHONES AND WATCH IN HD** =) Suface riders Jeff Kiesel and John Ware cruisin' some laps at PCMR and Brighton. Filmed and Edited:Paul Braunstein "Bundle up"- Cool Kids "Protocal"- Snoop Dogg Thanks to Surface, Park City Mountain Resort, and Brighton