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Peter at the Park

by P-Fitty
Jan 2014 - 941 views

We goin to meet Peter at the Park, because he's always at the Park. Oh and thanks to Snogression, Moment Skis, and The Lifthouse, go check those guys out, enjoy!

Peter's Snogression Edit

by P-Fitty
Oct 2012 - 497 views

I get to work and coach at this really cool place called Snogression. It's really awesome because you can learn really cool tricky dos and such on their ramp and foam pit. It's awesome, kinda like Faction skis who make really nice and poppy skis, which help you preform tricky dos. Thanks to Josh Coleman for being behind the camera on this one!

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A Solid Seven

by P-Fitty
May 2012 - 456 views

With the lack of snow and coming off a knee injury I would say this year was a Solid Seven. I would like to thank Snogression, Demon, and all the many people who collaborated to film these shots, you know who you are! Love, Peter Franklin Fitts