Sander Hadley & I Talk Ski Industry | Out of Bounds Podcast

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Oct 26th 2022 - 6 comments

This week’s conversation on The Out of Bounds Pod is with Sander Hadley. And it’s just that, a conversation, not an interview. The pro skier from Pocatello, Idaho joins the show to talk with Adam about a wide variety of topics on and off the slopes. Having grown up wanting to be a park skier, he’s since shifted to free riding and bigger mountains, and even stepping into the backcountry. He’s been filming for over a decade, including segments with MSP, but mostly he’s focusing on doing his own things these days. Sander discusses his partnership with Dynastar and their role as a redheaded stepchild to Rossignol. But they’re still making hard-charging gear under the radar. They know who they are, know what they do well, and don’t feel the need to change things for the sake of change. He and Adam discuss how they are as a company from the athlete’s perspective. They talk about non-disclosure agreements, socials short content for even shorter attention spans, and take a look at different brands’ approaches to marketing. The episode also asks important questions like: Are the Olympics still important? What does authenticity even mean in skiing? Is ski-mo next for Sander? And what he thinks his voice is, as he shifts into sharing his perspective more on the media side of skiing. This interview flows as well as Sander skis and the dude rips. So, listen or watch the full episode, available now!

The Weekly Skupdate: Skiing News From Last Week | Stowe's Seasonal Parking Pass

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Oct 21st 2022 - 0 comments

Breaking down some of the news from the last week. Every Friday, 12:30 EST

This week we break down Burton's new rental delivery program, Stowe's Season Parking Pass situation, and Meme of the Week.

See reference articles here:

Pep Fujas Joins the Show to Talk Wndr Alpine

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Jul 20th 2022 - 0 comments

This week on the Out of Bounds podcast, our guest is one of the hucking best to ever do it, pro skier, Pep Fujas (@pepujas). While Pep has been shredding it up for decades, our conversation focuses on what he’s up to these days with WNDR Alpine, where he is now the Vice President, Marketing & Product Development. WNDR is an Eco-conscious material and hard-good creator seeking to do better for the environment and churning out some cutting-edge skis in the process.
He and Adam talk about the sustainable microalgae-based materials they use and why. Also discuss what brought him there from K2, and what his day-to-day looks like. They also chat about what success looks like for a new ski brand and what actually sells skis? How do you convert a customer from hearing the message to swiping the credit card?

The Ahmet Dadali Interview: Out Now

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Mar 21st 2022 - 48 comments

Probably the most controversial interview I've done... or will do... hopefully.
Ahmet came on the show and it was a mix of really light hearted storytelling to some excellent insights on sponsor pay & commitments.

Obviously, we talk about his opinions on the world right now, including that of Covid, Vaccines & much more.

Proceed with caution as a lot of this is very much opinionated. I did my best to frame everything over and over again as opinion, and his view of the world.

The ones that go on about "don't believe everything you read in the media" and "do your own research" are often the ones that spread the most misinformation. Be aware of that as you listen.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, their own free speech. However, how that speech impacts others, and how one choses to use that free speech is of the utmost importance.

There's a great quote from Spiderman that fits well here.

A Serious Conversation on Mental Health & Skiing with Drew Petersen

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Mar 7th 2022 - 0 comments

Drew and I sat down and talked about our Mental Health, and specifically his new film "Ups & Downs" chronicling his (ongoing) battle with mental health, Depression, and Type Two Bipolar.

This is the most impactful episode we've put out, and I hope y'all take something positive from it.

Thank you to Drew for sharing with me, and thank you to Mountain Gazette for hosting this conversation.

David Wise, Todd Heath & Freedle Coty on this Week's Show.

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Jan 20th 2022 - 0 comments

David Wise & I talk the upcoming Olympic Games, what qualifying this time around means to him, and why it's the hardest games he's ever competed in. We also touch on his love for hunting, his mental coaching, and he even gives us a few tips.

Todd Heath talks about the return of Bomb Snow Magazine, which is in my opinion, one of the pound for pound best. I talk about my own mental health struggles a bit here, and Todd discusses being positive through everything, even through a personal trauma unlike any other. I love this dude.

Lastly, one of the funniest people I've chatted with, Freedle Coty, joins the pod. We talk through old ski movies, some of his favorite Level 1 bits, why Pow Surfing is getting so much play right now, and obviously the Nothing Franchise.

Enjoy, this is one of the best 3fers we've ever put out.

Tom Wallisch Thinks Target Should Sell Skis & He's Got a Damn Good Point

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Oct 22nd 2021 - 5 comments

Okay, so obviously Target skis are not all Tom and I talked about here, but I thought it was an interesting take from one of the best to do it.

We also spent some time on Fast Tracks, but you'll have to listen in on the interview to hear his take on that, Mega Passes, Seven Springs, and so much more.

Thanks to Tom for spending some time chatting with me.

Podcast drops this Tuesday, but the Youtube is available now.

Photo by AJ Dakoulas