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Sidecountry Sessions Teaser

by OutdoorResearch
Jan 2012 - 1.3K views

Sidecountry Sessions Teaser This winter, we?re subscribing to the gypsy life and taking off on a two-month tiny house road trip in celebration of a passion-driven, low impact, ski bum lifestyle. ?We are refining the entire process of living as ski bums. It is really about figuring out what you do and don?t need. For me, I want to ski and there isn?t much else that I need,? says Zack. Over the next 6 weeks, OR ambassadors Molly Baker, Zack Giffin and Neil Provo, along with videographers Sam Giffin and Andy Walbon will be road tripping to North America?s most respected sidecountry areas in search of deep powder and influential snow loving locals.

Sidecountry Sessions Episode 1

by OutdoorResearch
Jan 2012 - 566 views

Sun Valley, Idaho: a living, breathing museum of the North American ski timeline, dating back to the mid Twentieth Century. It began in 1939 when the first chairlifts were installed at Bald Mountain. An ageless place, this Idaho hide-out is still home to some of skiing?s modern day pros (Mike Hattrup, Picabo Street, Lynsey Dyer and the Crist Brothers). We took the tiny house there in tribute to ski history and a passion for skiing we hope to convey with the Sidecountry Sessions tour.

Sidecountry Sessions Episode 4

by OutdoorResearch
Jan 2012 - 1.1K views

Sidecountry Sessions Episode 4 The crew parks the Tiny House another week in Sidecountry heaven -- a.k.a. Whitewater, B.C. -- to rip it up in waist-deep blower and welcome a real-life mountain man to the Outdoor Research ambassador team.

Sidecountry Sessions Episode 2

by OutdoorResearch
Jan 2012 - 447 views

Episode 2 Outdoor Research Sidecountry Sessions Episode 2 takes the tiny house crew South to Colorado San Juans, where they find grassroots ambassador Steve Mead. Silverton, Colorado is exactly the kind of place a group of five ski bums living within 112 square feet?no shower and ski gear avalanching from every nook of space--want to spend Christmas. The locals are blushingly generous, the streets caked white with snow, and the surrounding mountains a gift unlike anything that comes wrapped in waxy paper covered with Santas.