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Summit BC Lifestyles episode 1,GMB Great Mountain Boyz

by OnePurpose
Jan 2017 - 228 views

Trent Jones A.K.A @tct_hustle & Jonny Caplan A.K.A @j_prinzz1
Great start to the season here in Colorado, In January we started to get back into the backcountry with all the fresh snow and explore some new zones. Take a look at what we've been doing so far and keep your eyes out for the next episode!

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Jack Heath | 2015 Editk

by OnePurpose
Jun 2015 - 1.3K views

Didn't get after jumping much this year after not skiing last winter.. some rail shots from Carinthia, the streets, and out in hood this summer. We had a fun, snow filled season on the east! Thanks to Ian Compton for letting me hop on your skis and for the boots!