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2019 Session 3, Momentum Camps

by Momentum
Jul 2019 - 960 views

Brody Jones and Colby Eubanks

Jarrad McCarl
Colby Stevenson
Max Moffat
Evan McEachran
Jake Carney
Brenden Kelly
Mikey Ciccarelli
Nessa Dzieman
Joss Christensen
Fabian Bosch

Momentum Session 2, 2019

by Momentum
Jul 2019 - 963 views

Summer Session 2 at Momentum Camps - in a nutshell.

Brody Jones + Colby Eubanks

Max Moffatt
Simon D'Artois
Mikael Kingsbury
Evan McEachran
Jarrad McCarl
Alex Bellemare

2018 Session 5, Momentum Camps

by Momentum
Jul 2018 - 3.5K views

Session 5, we saved the best til last.
Final session edit of the summer shredding on Blackcomb Glacier: Girls Week, Instabangers, All Mountain Camp and the addition of the new landing bag.

ft. Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Megan Oldham, Kelly Sildaru, Maxwell Moffatt, Henry Sildaru, Magnus Granér, Cassie Sharpe, Kirsty Muir, MAXIMISE and Progression Airbags

Edit: Carlo Mion
Film: Carlo Mion, Brody Jones, Jackson Madden

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Momentum Session 3 // 2015

by Momentum
Jul 2015 - 4.4K views

Our busiest week of the summer with a stacked line-up of coaches! This session saw sunny days, and several smokey days as a result of the forest fires surrounding the Whistler area. Nonetheless, as always, way too much fun was had!