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Struggle and Emerge

by _RNS_
Jul 2012 - 822 views

I had a chance to go film the pros at Momentum Ski Camps on Blackcomb Mountain. This is the result of seven days of filming and working with the pros. While there I noticed how that in order to land a trick once, many tries and painful falls have to be endured. Featuring Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, James 'Woodsy' Woods, Seb Eaves, Rory Bushfield, Josh Bibby, and many more.

Momentum Session 3 Exposure edit 2012

Jul 2012 - 995 views

I finally got organized with all the problems that I had with editing! So here's my edit from most of my shots during Momentum exposure camp. We were super lucky to be able to shoot with all the top pro's Including Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, James woods, Corey Vanular and many more! As well as having many great skiers to shoot we got to have a private bike shoot with some locals. I'd like to thank all the coaches on the filming and photography side for their help during the week! Thanks to -Blake Jorgensen -Daren Rayner -Johnny Decesare -Charlie Grinell -Liam Campbell (For kindly letting me use his Sigma)! -Momentum Ski Camps -And all Athletes Filmed and Edited by: Luke Smart Camera Equipment used: Canon EOS T3 | with 18-55mm as well as a 55-300| Canon 60D | with 18-55mm,55-300mm, and the SIGMA| No Stabilization/All shots hand held. By:Luke Smart