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Skiing in the Trees with Aspen

by MikeWeinerONE
Sep 2016 - 1.5K views

What do you do when the wind is blowing, its freezing cold, and dumping snow? You go outside to have fun and head for the trees instead of sitting inside playing Xbox. It was super fun chasing him around the mountain after years of him chasing me.

Fun with Aspen, Deven and Kiernan Fagan

by MikeWeinerONE
Jul 2016 - 858 views

Had a great time shredding with identical twins Kiernan and Deven Fagan and Aspen at Breck and then Woodward at Copper. Never-ending energy. Unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperate and it snowed the whole week so we skied more pow. The day it didn't snow it was too windy to hit the big jumps weighing less then 100 lbs. But this just shows the fun that was had.

Take a Chanc' Ep1.5

by MikeWeinerONE
Jan 2016 - 712 views

Did a little filming with a few friends messing around early season. Nothing spectacular but it was fun! I'm looking forward to some funny and good times this winter following some friends on the FWT and FWQ tours.

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350 foot rope jump with Mike Wilson

by MikeWeinerONE
Jul 2013 - 6K views

Spent a week at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID and we had some down time. Nothing more fun then building a huge ropejump. Thanks to some amazing new friends for sharing in the good times! What an insane week, and this was mellow part!

Quad back

by MikeWeinerONE
Jun 2011 - 1.8K views

Wilson sending it at DL bliss.... from before any rope was put up, to that conclusion, it was the most skilled and crazy thing I've ever watched, and proved to me anything is possible