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LAAX @8-800mm

by Lukin_Mikula
Feb 2017 - 2.5K views

Feeling not quite strong during last few weeks didn't let me enjoy my own skiing too much and so I could create this vid of random friends and riders who feel it

migi reibenschuh
mike rageth
kai mahler
fanda horejsi
till matti
and one guy i don't know...


by Lukin_Mikula
Sep 2016 - 79 views

Some shots of my man Fanda. It is so good to ski with you all winter long my friend! Fanda actually edited it by himself and I did just few minor adjustments

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Jirka Volak 11/12 season edit

by Lukin_Mikula
Nov 2012 - 3.7K views

You probably never heard of any freeskier comming from mid europe, but trust me, there is quite a few ones. Jirka Volak has been on his journy with skis for many years now. Here is his last seasons edit. He was still recovering from a knee injury but it didn't seem to have any big impact on his smooth style.

Martin Horak 11/12 season edit

by Lukin_Mikula
Sep 2012 - 738 views

Martin is a freeskier from Czech republic who does not follow the wave of acrobatics that is trying to change what park skiing used to be. He is between 20 and 30 years old and he would like you to watch this vid in HD