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A Snowy Day at Breck

by Lean.
Mar 2012 - 101 views

Its always fun to take some park laps in the snow with friends. Skiing by Ian Simpson, Neil Montgomery and Landon Verce, snowboarding by Tyler Miller. Enjoy.

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Season edit

by Lean.
Apr 2010 - 4.9K views

My computer was stolen and I forgot to back up my stuff, so all of my shots from this season were lost. These were the only shots I could find, mostly from a snowy day up in Breck.

Texan at Keystone

by Lean.
May 2009 - 7K views

Met this drunk lady at the top of the jump line. She had never hit a jump and wanted us to film it. Here is what happened. And I have no idea why it freezes on that frame at the end