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Right Place, Right Time

by Kretzschmar
Oct 2020 - 4.6K views

Much love to all the homies the past 4 years in Utah & around the globe. Whether it's skiing beard deep pow, lapping Juicy Fruit, or deleting pitchers in the GMD, I couldn't have asked for a better start in the "real world".

Sporadic phone footage (& a few GoPro shots) following around friends in UT, CO, & ID during my first 4 years living in SLC. Looking forward to many more years of good times ❤

My IG:

Feat. my guys:

Rocko Menzyk
Brett Wanek
Kyle Toohey
Jazzy @drinkbutter
Ryan 'Mt. Baldy' Vitale
Pat, Deleter of Pitchers, @SuwakaFlocka
Jaxson Holme
Sean the Formgod
Wesley Ahh
Benny Smith

Vittu Paskaa ⚰ | Ruka/Ski or Die 2017

by Kretzschmar
Aug 2020 - 1K views

2 separate edits smashed together that I made from Ski or Die 2017 phone clips. Unfortunately the quality is a bit shit 🤷‍♂️

Featuring the talents of:

Jake Carney
Charlie Lasser
Tuomas Kivari
Elias Syrja
Harald Hellstrom
& other Ruka homies


Pt 1 - Some Travis Scott beat from Days Before Birds mixtape
Pt 2 - Beneath - Night Lovell

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Imagination: Tom Wallisch

by Kretzschmar
Oct 2017 - 76.3K views

We’ve all been that kid sitting in the back seat of our family car, wishing we were somewhere else. Through the boredom, the driveway snow piles, sidewalk handrails and stair sets start to tease our inner skier. Watch day dreams come to life as Tom Wallisch shreds the snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia.