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Day Dream - A short by Kevin

by KevCur
Feb 2017 - 518 views

Imagination is the key to innovation! I'm moving to Nicaragua to work for the Peace Corps momentarily and wanted to create something before I take off. Not much skiing in here, as knee injuries have shifted my focus, but the shred is real :) - Furthermore, ENORMOUS THANKS to each and everyone of you within the Newschoolers community. Your love and support has helped shape who I am today, so again, thank you. Cheers!

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Kevin Curran Freeskiing Japan

by KevCur
Oct 2015 - 18.9K views

Here's my 2015 Season Edit

Filmed by Jeremy Dubs

I went through the ACL gauntlet this season so unfortunately only caught a couple days behind the lens. I really hope you all enjoy this!!

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