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Joona Kangas - "Land of the Darker Sun"

by Keeshlife
Nov 2021 - 4.2K views

Land of the Darker Sun - a short video featuring the skiing of Joona Kangas. Filmed in Finnish Lapland, Swiss Alps and Riksgränsen during 2020-2021.

A big thank you to everyone that helped along the way and made this video happen!

Music: Samu Kangas
Filming: Sämi Ortlieb & Adam Kackur
Additional filming: Janic Cathomen, Ailo Riponiemi, Zenja Potapov, Kai Mahler, Daniel Loosli, Didier Tanner, Antti Ollila & Suéde
Editing: Antti Ollila
Colors: Joonas Mattila


by Keeshlife
Nov 2020 - 5.2K views

KEESHFILE 20 - Season 19/20 in the Alps and Finnish Lapland with Keesh.

Two months in Austria living in a cozy old cabin in the mountains. Not the snowiest year of all time in the Alps but we made the most of it.

When the virus took over and borders around Europe started closing up, we decided to go home and drove all the way back to the North. After 36 hours we arrived to Pyhä and spent two weeks hiking around and filming in the Finnish backcountry.

Throughout the winter Joona spent months at home filming for his first street part, while the other boys occasionally hit up what was left in the park of their old home resort in Rovaniemi.

All put together to a classic Keesh style film - rugged & raw without too much planning. Enjoy!

Antti Ollila
Joona Kangas
Anttu Oikkonen
Pontus Penttilä
Aleksi Patja
Daniel Hanka
Alex Hackel

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Keeshlife Movie

by Keeshlife
Dec 2016 - 60.5K views

Hello people. This is the first ever Keeshlife movie. Filmed mostly in the cold streets of Finland with a little flavor from Ruka backcountry and the epic atmosphere of Riksgransen. We went out there with our handycams and whatever cameras we were able to get our hands into and filmed each others like a bunch of friends do. Only plan was to make a movie out of it. That went on for over 60 days last winter.
Cant tell you much about the skiing before you watch it. We got a mix of the most lunatic riders in Finland so the skiing you are about to witness is going to be the purest and the most rawest form of Keesh you have witnessed this far.

Riders in the movie:
Anttu Oikkonen
Antti Ollila
Markus Schroder
Aleksi Patja
Lauri Kivari
Miika Virkki
Kalle Hilden
Eemeli Jussila
Joona Kangas
Valentin Hanninen
Markus Fohr
Joni Sarmo
Pontus Penttila