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Bachelor Blips

by JuliusJ
Aug 2014 - 238 views

Old footage I found on my harddrive and figured it was better to put it on the internet than leave it in there. You tell me. Skiers are Andrew Orlich, Lucas Wachs, Jonathon Chandler, Conner Bennett, and Connor Johnson (me). Urban cameo by Spencer Schubert.

Das Schveitzer Shredding

by JuliusJ
Apr 2014 - 1.2K views

Two days bumming around Schweitzer with a gopro. Was super fun until Blake dislocated his hip, which was not so fun. Some might even say it was "total buzzkill."

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Zoom Zoom

by JuliusJ
Feb 2010 - 6K views

Shredding some park at bachelor with lucas wachs, kevin healy, jonathon chandler, korbin walden, gabe johnson, conner bennett, connor johnson, andrew orlich, cwall cameo