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Bat Season

by Jessycollings
Jul 2020 - 865 views

Season edit from the pandemic season. Completely man powered edit minus one shot from the day before they closed down the hill.

Thanks Mark locki for coming out to film in the back country and Owem pommier for hiking with the boys on the cover grind!


Pizzazz 2019

by Jessycollings
Jul 2019 - 584 views

Jessy collings 2019 ski season. After having a slow start to the season me and some buddys ended up building a jump on the local golf course. Then i spent a little while in revelstoke and returned to film some street with Ben prescott for 4 days before heading off to work for 36 days. I then spent the last week in kimberley and moved on to sunshine for a couple weeks of spring riding! Thanks to everyone that made this season so dam fun! stoked to rip it up with ya again next year!

I'm afraid of Americans

by Jessycollings
Apr 2019 - 891 views

Some of my best shots from the past seasons, I will be dropping a 2019 season edit in the next couple months. Song= Im afraid of Americans : Bones (UK)
Filmed with Gopro session 5
Additional footage:
Ben Prescott
Dane Reis
Richard Hoeksema
Cam Kaegi
Scott Nettleton

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3 seasoner

by Jessycollings
Jun 2014 - 1.4K views

Some of my best shots from over the last 3 years i started to edit untill my computer crashed. so thought i should just upload it now since i cant work on it.