JOURNAL - Christmas Special and joining w/PBP

by Jeff_Thomas
Dec 2nd 2008 - 2 comments

JOURNAL - Christmas Special and joining w/PBPIn the spirit of Christmas, and the fact that Theory-3 Media is done for now I am offering some Christmas deals on the products, new and old.Thanks to everyone that has supported Theory-3, a big thanks to the athletes, past and present, and thank you to all of the sponsors, and all the people that helped make Theory-3 what it was.Until next year.


by Jeff_Thomas
Oct 1st 2008 - 14 comments

About time. We know.

After being nominated for a handful of awards at the IF3, and a long wait for the product we are proud to announce the release of JOURNAL.
Always the brides maid never the bride...something like that.

JOURNAL - The Official Trailer

by Jeff_Thomas
Jun 26th 2008 - 5 comments

The official trailer to JOURNAL!It is that time of year. The release of our updated/official trailer. I waited a bit longer than normal because I wanted to have a large portion of the movie complete (80percent-ish) for the best representation of the actual movie. So if you enjoy the trailer you will enjoy the movie.You can check out for the trailer links.

Nothing but China Across the Pacific

by Jeff_Thomas
Mar 3rd 2008 - 20 comments

2 weeks, 6 Sleds, 3 trucks, flats of Whistler Beer, more ice than iceland and alot of unpredictable weather saw Joe Schuster, Brandon Kelly, Charley Ager, Riley Leboe, Grant Gunderson and Jeff Thomas exploring the logging roads of the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

February So Far

by Jeff_Thomas
Feb 16th 2008 - 12 comments

Since the last update at SIA we have been busy with some sun, and lots more snow. Been a great first 2 weeks of Feb. and I suspect the next 2 will be just as good.Things that we have been doing...

JOURNAL - SIA Trailer and more

by Jeff_Thomas
Feb 5th 2008 - 72 comments

So this is our virgin update on and for our new project titled, JOURNAL. We welcome a host of new skiers, sponsors, and crew. Check out the update and see what's been going on....oh and there is our SIA tradeshow trailer for JOURNAL