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VIDEO: Trimmings: The Colorado San Juans

by JAHrig
Feb 2014 - 816 views

In early December the Trimmings crew headed out from Montana on a quest for a better snowpack and new experiences. We found ourselves in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado taking advantage of any snow we could find. From booters, to pow shots, and a little bit of resort thrown in there, the crew made the best of our week in this beautiful mountain paradise.

Trimmings Colorado: Trailer

by JAHrig
Jan 2014 - 1K views

After a mild start to the 2013-14 winter season in Montana and Utah, the Trimmings crew went out in search of a deeper snow-pack and new terrain. For the first episode of the season Trimmings spent December in the southern San Juan mountains of Colorado. Watch out for the full episode coming February 5th!

Ian Hamilton - You Got To Change

by JAHrig
Dec 2013 - 1.5K views

You may know Ian Hamilton as the guy from a small town in Montana who can be seen flipping, spinning, and sliding around the Salt Lake area terrain parks and Slopestyle contests on the regular.... well this is a side of Ian that the public is not as familiar with, a side of him that stems from his Montana up-bringing where a terrain park could not be found for hundreds of miles and people learn to ski on the mountains in their rawest form. Sometimes you have to take a break from the competition, take a break from the hard-pack snow and monsters of steel, sometimes "you got to change" and get back to the powder and features that mother nature so kindly provides for us.

Paint The Town White: David Steele Season Edit

by JAHrig
Nov 2013 - 1.8K views

Who knows how long I'll paint houses to pay my student loans. How many more trips to new skylines will fit on the odometer. What the changing climate will do to the snow that starts high, fills in the runs from the summit down. And just like the nonsense that will always be there, the freedom and identity found on pair of skis remains steadfast. From Denali to Nelson to the hill I grew up skiing in Montana, theres certainty. Buzz in the parking lot. Stoke on the skin track. Joy as Ive ever known it, free as every flake that falls. -David

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"the simple side." Official Teaser

by JAHrig
Aug 2013 - 2.4K views

Hi-Line Films followed a group of friends through the backcountry of Montana over the last two winters in search of the deepest snow, steepest lines, and coldest drinks. Sticking true to the ski bum lifestyle of living one tank of gas, one growler of beer, and one day at a time, we found ourselves realizing it's really all about the good times with good friends. Starring T.J. Andrews, Garrett Umphress, Sam Arroues, Thomas Vincent, Joel Anderson, Brett Bacon, Jake Fagrelius, Danny Arnold, and all of our friends that we could possibly fit into the bus. This is "the simple side." Filming and Editing by Ben Zeimet Additional Filming by Will Freihofer and Bobby Jahrig

Tanner Olson *Ski In Peace* 1997-2011

by JAHrig
Jul 2011 - 24.9K views

Tanner left us at the very young age of 14, but will always be remembered for having more ambition, and passion then any rider out there. We love you Tanner, you and your family will always be with us in our hearts.

Thanks to Toy Soldier Productions, Curtis Bietz, and Chris Thueson for sending me their footage of Tanner from this year.

Also thanks to Thomas Vincent for helping with the editing process.

Ski In Peace Tanner

Thankskinning: Bush League

by JAHrig
Jan 2013 - 1.2K views

David and I decided to put together a video project for the year focusing on his experiences and stories as the season progresses. David recently moved back to Montana and is getting in touch with the things that sparked his love for skiing. This episode focuses on the early season and the start of a great winter. Cinematography by Bobby Jahrig, Dillon Jenkins, Henry Hawkins and Rainbird Visuals. Edited by Bobby Jahrig Music Howl (Instrumentals) by Florence And The Machine Just Dropped In by Kenny Rodgers.

Trimmings: Episode 1

by JAHrig
Dec 2012 - 3.1K views

A group of skiers in Western Montana chase the snow around the state and ski whatever they can. This episode follows them as fall changes to winter, and the ski opportunities arise. Thanks to Henry Hawkins, Dillon Jenkins, and Rainbird Visuals for the help with this. Also thanks to Patrick Kirkley for the logo work! Presented by Epic Planks Backcountry Freeskier Discrete Headwear Lost Trail Powder Mountain Check out our Facebook page for updates and extra Content