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Omitted pt 1 (WINDELLS 2019)

by Gucci_Logan
Jun 2021 - 1.9K views

I spent the summer of 2019 working for Windells as a videographer. With session recaps unfortunately not being the main goal, neither of the full videos were ever published by Windells. I was weary about posting them but f' it 2 years latter i'm publishing them! PT 2 on Sunday. Thanks for viewing!

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No Destination

by Gucci_Logan
Oct 2019 - 844 views

A short skiing film from 2018-2019. Featuring, Johnny White, Logan Taylor, Tony Piccinonno, Paul Wall, Zach Pfeiffer, Trey Roeseler, and Kenji Mowrey.
Shot mostly around Lake Tahoe and a little bit of Utah in the mix.

Thank you friends for the best of times!


Video w/ Minnelocals

by Gucci_Logan
Jan 2021 - 2.6K views

January 21st 2021 at Bush Lake with the Minnesota crew. Video by Logan Taylor.
Was great to meet ya'll :)
Skiing by.
jblan1234, cinnabonconn, teadb, ron2cold