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Atown 2k18 - "Never Left"

by GapersGoneWild
Aug 2018 - 3.8K views

whats up yall. A-town is coming back at you with his first season edit in 4 years. Got a degree now though. Whasssup

GGW for life

Filmed by many homies
ski and edit: Austin de St Croix

Backy to the Future - Intersection 2018 - Gapers Gone Wild

by GapersGoneWild
Apr 2018 - 5K views

A lot has changed in Whistler over the years, and especially in the past year or so since Vail took over---- is Whistler still SICK?!? Yes. Yes it is. Huge thanks to everyone involved in producing this video.

Essex Prescott, Jeremy Acland, Isaak Goldenberg, Garrett Knochenmus, Connor Browne, Tobin Seagel, Stirling Bell, Luke Smart, Kai Smart, Chase Ujejski, Anders Ujejski, Dean Bercovitch, Axel Runner, Dylan Runner, Cobo Alvarez del Toledo, Jesse Desjardins, Philippe Clairoux

Produced and Filmed by:
Peter Wojnar, Essex Prescott, Jeremy Acland

Edited by:
Peter Wojnar, Jesse Desjardins

Huge special thanks to Stan Rey for appearing in our video as "The Spirit of Whistler" and allowing us to poorly imitate his likeness for our main character, and also to all our friends and Whistler family who helped out and came to the show for a good time.

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