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Current Status: Ready for this fall crap to be over and the east coast to get snow
Home Mountain: Mt. Snow
Sponsors: The "man" I work for 60 hours a week and my friends who put up with me shit.
Best Tricks: Too old for that shit anymore, I don't bounce like I once did.
My Gear: J skis: "Allplays" and "hot shot", line sick day 93's
Instagram: Ny.jpe
East coast skier with a big mountain mistress.

Grew up a couple miles away from a "mountian" (500' vert) and instructed there through high school and on college breaks as a snowboarder. MTN Creek turned me into a pipe junkie being 20mins away growing up. Went to university and Jay Peak became the home mountian and turned me into a steeps, trees and powderhound. Picked up planks after college so I would not be board while an exgirlfriend learned to ride. Snowboard sometimes still, most of my 50ish days a year are on skis now. Travel few time a year to ski, family in Europe so that's a nice home base to check out all they have to offer as well. We end up in nonstreotypical places, (Bulgaria, Georgia, Bosnia, ect) for cheap sking and adventures. Trying to ski every major continental US mountian range with resorts, just because. Still need Idaho and Montana.

Blew up my ACL in a odd fall on a GREEN trail in January 19, recovery was long, still managed to get 30 days in for the 19-20 season. I really wish I could say I blew it up doing something sweet, but I didn't. Went from hucking cliffs in colorado to the ski patrol sled on a vermont traverse in a couple weeks. That's the way life works sometimes though. FullSendJoe

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