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I Unexpectedly Did This Trick. How Do You Call That?

by FouDuVillage
Mar 2022 - 875 views

Basically (if it's not clear enough in the video), it's a 360° sideward rotation (Barrel Roll style) while moving forward PLUS an extra 180° twisting rotation.

Honestly, I was attempting a Backflip 180°, so that's why I say it was "unexpected". Can I do it again? No. At least, not without practice.

I asked Reddit about it, and people mostly replied it was an underflip, but I must kindly disagree with this because to me, an underflip is mostly like a flair which is a 360° backward rotation with an overall 180° twisting rotation (maybe more like 90° at the start and 90° at the end in the case of an underflip).

So, how do you call this trick?

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Weird Grabs

by FouDuVillage
Mar 2021 - 351 views

Here's a very short compilation of three unique and unaesthetic grabs I came up with this year. I don't think they deserve a name.

2nd and 3rd grabs are the same.