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[Raw] Couple days in February

by D_Elgar
May 2016 - 572 views

Got a Go-Pro in February, only managed to bring it skiing 3 times (1 weekend) all season.
Just a weekend of shredding with the girlfriend and good buddies. Just good times!
All shredding and music making done by myself or friends
Shredding: Dan Elgar, Cecilia Sundstrom, Mike Bruschwhiler and Drew Adams
Song: Jimmie Cover "Spaceman Good"

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May Meltdown

by D_Elgar
May 2012 - 314 views

Mikey and I filmed in the park for the first time in years....Just friends having fun in the slush on blackcomb in May...Thanks to our buddy Drew for the shots...he just filmed us while he was healing an ankle injury...