by CourtneyV
May 12th 2008 - 10 comments

Only 3 days left to Win Jossi's X-Games skis! The entries are slim-pickins so far so you still have a chance! Get movin!

Dylan and Cosco take over Mount Shasta

by CourtneyV
May 5th 2008 - 16 comments

After a lucky last few days in the Uinta mountains of Utah skiing lines in surprisingly deep snow, I took off to Mount Shasta, CA to ski a private park with Rage Films.  After spending much of my season in the backcountry I did my best to find my long-lost park game to keep up with the youngsters Rage had invited.

The Little Kiwi That Could.

by CourtneyV
Apr 7th 2008 - 16 comments

A knee injury cut the season short for Jossi. Fortunatley for us, he finally had a minute to sit down and a tell us what it’s like to have a younger brother on his tail, what he’s “a bit bummed on,” and how he plans to overcome the injury and wind up back on top. 

Tragedy Sets In For Mufasa

by CourtneyV
Mar 14th 2008 - 13 comments

Today was a very tragic day for Tim Dirtschi's ski poles. Upon receiving bad news concerning a tear in his Saga jacket, his poles took the brunt of the malicious repercussion.

Durtschi Dominates Queen's Cup!

by CourtneyV
Feb 25th 2008 - 19 comments

The 3rd Annual Queen's Cup Open brought an invasion of female skiers and snowboarders to Park City this past weekend. With Angeli VanLaanen at the North American Open in Breck (who killed it in the pipe by the way...), Atomic had to count on Erica Durtschi to represent.