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Colin & John Sirois @ WATERVILLE 2011 (720p HD)

by Cause4Films
Mar 2011 - 3.2K views

Colin Sirois and John Sirois, sponsored by Elan Skis, Dalbello Ski Boots, Orage, Scott and Mountain Dogs Alpine Outfitters, skiing at Waterville Valley, NH in Spring 2011. One day of filming. Directed, edited and music by Michael J. Sirois. Visit for more videos or visit for more info on the music featured in the film. 24p, Canon XL2 with Color Correction.

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Colin and John Sirois: Elan Sponsorship Short (HD)

by Cause4Films
Mar 2009 - 6.9K views

UPDATE: This promo got Colin and John sponsored by Elan Skis. Looked like it worked. :) A short that I made for my two younger brothers who are looking to get a company sponsorship. Filmed with a Canon XL2 during one day's worth of filming. If you watch the video on youtube there should be a button you can click in order to watch it in HD. The music is by some people I know. Oh, and ignore the little commentary at the end...