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Current Status: putting the progress in progressive skiing and making the future
Home Mountain: Winter Park, CO
Sponsors: Hoping to get a tool or machine sponsor. Or maybe a Beer sponsor, that would be cool. So Grizzly, JET, Dewalt and COORS I'm talking to you!
Best Tricks: making the skis that do the best tricks, our bag of tricks is double bagged, its big with lots of big tricks. The best trick? your mom.....
My Gear: Making limited edition models and full custom made to order skis, boards and splits
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CRSP is the new custom company on the block located in down town Winter Park, CO. Founded and built by Chris Peters and starting in January 2020 this company is moving forward quickly making high performance skis, boards and split boards. We make our wood cores in house from hand selected woods of various species including but not limited to poplar, ash and paulownia. We print and transfer our graphics in house using an environmentally friendly sublimation dye ink and durable ISO 8100 top sheet material. The bases and edges we use are the thickest in the industry at 2.5mm thick compared to the average 1.8mm thickness giving you more material to take a likin' and keep on trickin' . The sintered base material is 10x more abrasive resistant than steel and being extra thick you are way less likely to get core shots like you might see with other builds. Using full UHMW sidewall and offering fiberglass, carbon glass and carbon stringers as well as the option of custom cambers and various shapes all topped with a full 3 year warranty on most build options (Full 1 year warranty on full carbon glass with wood veneer topsheet options). Check out our website and social for more info and if your looking for something different, unique and badass than look no further than CRSP. Finally when you support CRSP you become a member of the family, have an issue with your skis, talk to the guys that made them and we will make it right the best we can. You know those big umbrella corporate brands wont treat you like family so screw those guys and come join us. CRSP

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