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Sunday, Funday (Ft. Scrappy Joe Young and Ryan Walter)

by C_dub
Mar 2017 - 640 views

First day on the Timberline spring pass, met up with Ryan Walter and Joey Van der Meer, aka Scrappy Joe young, as well as Cole Butler and Zach Stevens. Hot laps were spun, jumps where hit, and rails were slid, all under the watchful eye of Mama Hood. This day gave good insight into what lies ahead with springs rising temperatures and soft slushy snow.

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Mt. Hood Summer Bootpacking

by C_dub
Jun 2016 - 743 views

Some mellow, early-summer, turns on the Mt. Hood southside above Mississippi head. This was a super warm day, so the mountain shed large amounts of rock and ice. The 85+ degree heat made hiking a bit more difficult, but we made our goal after just 1 hour of climbing from the top of the palmer lift.