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Grigory Fuzeev GrabReel 15-16

by staRRide
Jul 2016 - 14.5K views

Hi, I?m Grigory Fuzeev and by this vid I want to share with you my little invention. From now on I?d like to drop to the game a new type of Ski-Edit. It?s a kind of alternative to a «ProFile» format, I bet, we all are a bit tired of it.. So this is the thing: When making a profile you just pick your best shots, but choosing tricks for your «GrabReel» you may follow two rules:
1) Each grab appears once
2) Each rotation appears once
Here you?ve got tons of combinations: you can multiply all the grabs, their Reverse, Screaming Seamen, Seat Belt and any other variations by all your spins, including switch, unnatural and all off-axises you've got, but you can?t ever recur. The process of shooting this video was reeeealy fun for me, I hope, you?ll enjoy this new format, and the actual video, as well!