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Peaks and Valleys: Intermission

by Budh.ies
Aug 2019 - 28 views

We were at an all time high, until we weren't. Dean sustained a severe head injury during a jump show in Montana and was immediately rushed to the hospital. All of our plans froze. In a split second we were unsure of not only our season, but of Dean's life. Only days after the hospital visit we were right back in, for a completely different emergency. Not everything goes according to plan, but in this case at least it did work out in the end. The Final Act of Peaks and Valleys: "Starting from the Bottom" will be dropping at 3:30 this afternoon. Thanks for following along with our Journey.

Act IV: The Highest Peak

by Budh.ies
Jun 2019 - 320 views

From an epic backcountry trip at Jewel Basin Yurt to sharing their first podium, Dean and Ian were on the highest peak of their lives. What goes up, however, must come down. On one unfortunate night everything changed and the future of the Budhies was uncertain...

Act III: A Personal Peak

by Budh.ies
May 2019 - 498 views

Ian got the news from the doctor that his knee wasn't blown and proceeded to get after it in MT, BC and UT. Nothing is better than being back on skis after thinking you were done for the season. This Act is simply about how much fun skiing is and how grateful we are to be able to do what we do. Cheers.

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Ian Hamilton - Soft Landings

by Budh.ies
Jan 2018 - 9.3K views

Last year, after 10+ years of competing in Slopestyle, I switched my focus to backcountry jumping. It turned out to be a good choice. By the end of January it had snowed 300 inches in Utah and all the classic hits in Little Cottonwood Canyon were good to go. It was an unbelievable season, from sessions on Pyramid and Flagstaff gap, Catskiing at Fernie Wilderness Adventures to pondskimming and partying at Lost Trail Powder Mountain in the spring. I had more great times in the mountains with amazing humans than any other season and they're memories I'll never forget. Hope ya'll dig it and get stoked to shred!!

Alex Mager
Bobby Jahrig
Austin Ramaley
Freedle Coty
AJ Dakoulas
Kyle Decker
Chris Bolduc
Zach Falen
Jay Jensen

Budhies in order of appearance:
Sander Hadley
Danny Arnold
Jazz Vitale
Joe Dillon
River Lucas

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Ian Hamilton - A Natural Progression

by Budh.ies
Mar 2018 - 1.7K views

After years of the Slopestyle circuit grind Ian had a gnarly crash at the World Tour Finals in Whistler that altered his perspective on skiing. He decided to take a different path and ski the way he wanted to ski instead of the way the judges expected him to. As the ski industry changes, becoming increasingly commercialized, digitized and popularized we can all benefit from reflecting on why we started skiing: To Have Fun. We hope this inspires you to get out and have a great time on your skis. Cheers.