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Park Skier Problems

by Bloom.
Sep 2014 - 4.4K views

Charlie Cultara, the man behind the Mashed Potatoe series on NS, helped us create some humorous ads to use on our social media pages throughout the summer. Here is an example of what he created for us. We are currently conducting an interview with Charlie to get his perspective on the industry and much more. Interview will be dropping soon on Newschoolers with additional ads. For now, here is a preview.

Levi Ascher ~~~ Bungalow Brainwash

by Bloom.
Sep 2016 - 20.2K views

Season Edit!
Thanks to Bloom Outerwear, Scott, Blackstrap Inc. and Pup's Glide Shop
Shoutout to Windell's, Woodward at Copper, and Purgatory Resort for letting me rip around this year.
Filmed by the boys--Andrew Mildenberger, Gavin Rudy, Nick Broms, and Cam Willis
Hope you enjoy

Recordings of the Swan

by Bloom.
Nov 2016 - 8K views

Ethan Swadburg's year in review as documented by Gavin Rudy.

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