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by AndreasSchroeder
Sep 2016 - 890 views

Tracks Part 2 bringing you some classic Montana urban skiing and a very deep day of sledding. Throwback to three winters ago due to the unfortunate crashed hard drive. I'm still working on getting back up to speed on all my footage, but we're getting there! The next episode will be a bit different, it will include three consecutive summers (2014-2016) on the Montana/Wyoming Border!

Riders: Reed Schneider, Kory Kirby, Nick McGowan, Shay Lee, Patrick Mengler, Ben Hills, Aaron Hurlburt, Ian Bailey, Peter Madden, Cody Perin, John Spriggs

Music: Emily Wells - Whiskey and Rags


by AndreasSchroeder
Jul 2016 - 1.7K views

Turtle Tracks, the first of many video projects from all the skiing I've captured in the past three years. The videos include a large amount of footage that crashed on a hard drive a while back that brought all of this to a standstill. I'm glad to say that after quite the recovery, here is episode 1 following the raddest crew in Montana! Huge thanks for the assistance filming Mike Kvackay!

Biggie Ender

by AndreasSchroeder
Apr 2016 - 695 views

A hot sunny park day wrapped up the season in Big Sky. Thanks for letting me film your skills Kory, Nik, Erik and Ian. Until next season folks.

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