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Alta Season Recap 2021

by Altapowder
Dec 2021 - 557 views

Last season was a bit of an anomaly. Covid restrictions somehow corralled a lot of skiers up canyon, likely due to most other activities being shut down. Add to that our less than ideal ski schedule and we ended up with a very low attendance season. This shows in the season edit compared to previous years. We didn’t get a lot of bluebird pow shots and overall lacked great footage.
Nonetheless it was a great season and Alta was our escape from the madness. Despite logging under 30 days on the lifts. Hopefully ya’ll still enjoy the edit!

Preseason High Boy Lap

by Altapowder
Oct 2021 - 458 views

Alta has seen about 2 feet of snow in the past several days and another small storm is coming in tonight. We knew clouds would precede the incoming precip so...

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Alta Season Recap 2020

by Altapowder
Apr 2020 - 824 views

This year at Alta was another stellar one, with snow starting in October and then really picking up late November and never stopping. Lots of deep days for U...