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Kandia Spirits

by Ad@m
Nov 2014 - 65 views

DamaSpirit went on a snowy journey in the deep woods of Canada together with rapper Petter Alexis, yogi Adam Falk & the legendary master Sverre Liliequist. All captured from the imaginary hallucinated world of Dama!

Winter Project - PRE SEASON

by Ad@m
Feb 2012 - 4.1K views

WP starts off season 4 with some pre season shredding from Åre & Funäsdalen with a wide mix of shredders such as: Joonas Karhumaa, Tove Holmgren, Simon Ericsson, Oscar Harlaut, Max Hedvall, Morten Grape & Jonas Carlson

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by Ad@m
Dec 2011 - 13.5K views

Life sure is a very strange occurrence. We know two things for certain, that we are born & that we will die. In between these two knowings are what we call a human life. It?s up to you how you want your life to be and what it shall become. One of the main ingredients for finding success in life is to use your heart and think through it. Winter Project is no more than two kids who want to express a feeling that comes straight from their hearts, and the goal is to reach in to yours. The movie you are about to watch is simply a pure expression of our souls. We do this for one reason, and that is love. Love for ourselves, for you and for humanity!