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Chimney's Finest

by 4west
Mar 2022 - 7.5K views

Chimney's Finest

A week of skiing and vibing on hill at Sunshine Village
Enjoy the smooth style of Frank Bérubé, Cat Agnew & Kyle Coxworth as they terrorize the WHOLE mountain with their friends. Featuring Curtis Hiller, Asa France , Conner Harris, Jacob Hakof, Emily Lucas , Ozzy, Mark Valtr

Next time any of y'all see Frank make sure you ask how much his glass of wine costed ;)

Filmed & Editted by
Mark Valtr

Additional filming by
Kyle Coxworth
Curtis Hiller
Emily Lucas

Street FOURtune

by 4west
Dec 2021 - 2.2K views

We spent our first season in Calgary hitting street spots with some of our favourite people. With homies coming from all over, for the love of street skiing & snowboarding, we have created Street FOURtune, our first all street film.

We want to thank our amazing riders for their constant energy and a huge thank you to every single person who helped along the way. Much love to the community .


Kyle Coxworth, Mark Valtr, Kale Hill, William Buffey, Ty Ulrich, Curtis Hiller, Cat Agnew, Emily Lucas, Braydon Tritter, Nicholas Suchy, Elena Graglia, Zach Creighton, Tom McDougall, Austin Coll, Dakota Eliuk, Patrice Poulin, Sam DeGroot, Alex Zastre

Street FOURtune

by 4west
Sep 2021 - 1.2K views

Street FOURtune
A street film, created by skiers & snowboarders.
100% Street
100% Raw
100% Canadian
Coming Fall 2021

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by 4west
Nov 2019 - 17.3K views

2018/19 team movie. Talent from B_rud, Ryan Kennedy, Kyle Coxworth, Matt Martin & Etienne Geoffrey. Featuring, Brayden Tritter, Collin Bridger, Spencer Saltys, Dakota Eliuk, Mark valtr, Lucas Reid, Jack Zapisocki, Tony Rocket, Gatley O'Neill, Gangsta Allice, Em Lucas.

Big up's to all the homies that helped & everyone who made this possible.

Ryan Kennedy 2017

by 4west
Jun 2017 - 7.3K views

Ryans 2016/17 season fully jam packed with some absolute hammers
street & park filmed throughout Canada.
Thanks to all the filmers who helped out with this project!
Edited by Ryan K

@4westco on instagram

Spencer Saltys~ Wild West

by 4west
Aug 2018 - 4.8K views

The man Spencer unfortunately had his season cut short as well due to injury, but despite the amount of time Spencer had he managed to bang out a heavy ass part from last summer up until injury this past winter. Look for this animal making a healthy come back this season and blowing your minds even more.

Edited by Spencer Saltys