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2KGproductions presents FULLPIPE!

by 2KGproductions
Dec 2009 - 11K views

Hey NS, our first and definately not last movie is out there in the interweb! About a year ago a group of friends from Finland decided to buy a camera and shoot a "real" ski and snowboard movie, and this is what came out. Enjoy.

2KG Productions EL Mahla Trailer 2010

by 2KGproductions
Jul 2010 - 3.3K views

Starring Tommi Niemi, Juuso Pajari, Joonas Liukkonen, Jussi Taavila, Aarni Arajarvi, Mikael Larimo, Elias Markkula, Petja Vuojarvi, JP Kandell, Tommi Koipio, Teemu Hulkkonen, Antti Taavila, Lauri Mantykoski, Lauri Kyllönen, Aaro Korhonen Edit by Elias Markkula Supported by Sappee, Ylläs, Ripzone Copyright © 2KG Productions 2010