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Summer Living- New York

by .seb.
Jul 2011 - 2.1K views

This was supposed to be my final for a class in school, but i got reallly lazy and just finished it now. enjoy.

Shot with canon t2i
canon 50mm f/1.8+
canon 17-55mm f.3.5
nikon 20mm w/ nikonlens to canon body adapter

edited in FCP7

color corrected with magic bullets


by .seb.
May 2011 - 2.3K views

Just got my canon t2i, many of the scenery shots are from it but i unfortunately did not have it yet for the tramping footage. hope you enjoy!

Shot with:

Canon t2i w/ 50mm and 18-55mm


Color Corrected with:

Magic Bullets 1.2 and Final Cut Pro


California Sunrise by: Dirty Gold