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by -Dan
Jun 2016 - 1.7K views

Filmed Jan 2014 before SIA. I scraped production of this one in favor of making the SIA one which got me acceptance into the NS producer program. At the time it was a really big deal to me.
Anyway this footage features my CALI roommates doing mad regular shit that I for some reason have kept for all this time. Next up will be more traditional Trudays format for my trip to Sweden later this same year. Enjoy this in the mean time and peep the latest drop from Arsenic:

The Truvie

by -Dan
Oct 2014 - 4.3K views

A Tall T Trudays Movie. Watch this with some friends because thats how I filmed it and that is the only reason it has been so much fun.

Tall T Trudays: Tell A Friend Tour

by -Dan
Mar 2015 - 7.6K views

Snuck my way on to the TC van for a month long trip across America. Shots from Big Boulder, Roundtop, Killington, Sundown. Butternut, Canaan Valley, Brandywine, Trollhaugen, Elm Creek, Hyland, Afton, Wild and the roads in between. Upvote if you enjoyed.

Ride Off into the Sunset

by -Dan
Apr 2016 - 1.1K views

This how you stay on top even when you've gotten to the bottom. Anyway, there is more work to do. Supertopsecret work. Snapchat: ArsenicAnywhere