The truth behind my complete destruction.thread

by schlopy
Dec 14th 2017 - Ski Gabber

What’s good NS!? You may or may not have noticed but I completely Houdini’d shortly after future spinning... and I may have actually believed I was in the future! Here is what happened at the end of my career (so far ;) ) that led to losing everything. I think some of you can benef…

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Why We Love The Dew Tour Team Challenge

by Sklar
Dec 15th 2017 - 6 comments

This year’s Dew Tour Team Challenge splits your typical contest into three separate section, jibs, jumps, and pipe. At the end of the event, the team with the highest cumulative score takes the crown.

What is Going on with 4FRNT?

by Sklar
Dec 13th 2017 - 28 comments

Less than six month after Jason Levinthal bought 4FRNT, a shakeup in long-standing team skiers has surfaced many questions about his intended direction for the legacy indy ski brand. So, rather than speculate, we gave Levinthal a call to ask him, what’s going on with 4FRNT?

fresh loaf

by north_coast
Dec 14th - 948 views

guaranteed mold free -------------------------------------------- skiers/riders in order of appearence (starting at 0:10): -Isaac Wright -Rowan Stamp -Sam Scheff -Casey Taylor -Ben Amburgey -Kyle Joseph -Taylor Davis -Ben Nelson