They claim it gives you wings.

But for a Korean student studying at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Red Bull may have been behind an alarming outburst at the school cafeteria.

Halifax lawyer Joel Pink says too many energy drinks triggered his client, 25 year old Jyong Chul Lee, to have an outburst and threaten his residence advisor at the school on Sept. 10..

Lee was expelled from school and charged by police. He's been in custody ever since following psychiatric tests.

"According to the psychiatric report, basically it showed that he was under what at the time was called caffeine overdose or what we call intoxication," said Pink. "That of course would affect his mood, affect his personality. The way I would look at it based on the forensic hospital's report, that he had consumed so much that he was irritable, suffering from anxiety, things of that sort."

Pink said the report suggests 500-600 mg of caffeine a day could cause caffeine intoxication. The veteran criminal lawyer was surprised to learn of the report's findings.

"No I've never read any cases in the last 40 years where the defense of caffeine intoxication was ever raised," said Pink. "Not to say it hasn't, but I've never seen it. I've seen it in some cases in the U.S. But not here in Canada."

Pink believes proving caffeine intoxication in court still remains a challenge.

Judge Jean Whalen agreed to the crown and defense's request that Lee be sent back to Korea. He'll be escorted home on Friday.