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Head To Head Contests

A Head To Head (or H2H) Contest pairs contestants together and puts them in direct competition with each other, with the winner advancing to the next round. The goal is to beat each opponent in turn until you are the last man standing and the winner of the contest!

Head To Head contests start with a seeding round where any number of people may enter. Seeding rounds are free-for-all type rounds with many members potentially moving forward to the Head To Head competition. If your seeding entry is chosen to advance, you are then pitted directly against another member and H2H begins!

Although many members may advance from seeding, you want to do as well as possible since a higher rank pits you against a weaker opponent. The highest ranked entry is pitted against the weakest. For example, if a seeding round had 30 contestants and 8 move on to Head To Head competition, the entry rated #1 will be put against entry #8; entry #2 will be versus #7, etc. Once in the Head To Head rounds, a member may upload a new entry to better challenge their opponent.

Each round has two stages, the first for entering and the second for voting. During the first stage, members may upload or change their entries. The contest creator may choose to keep entries hidden during this stage so you cannot see what other members have entered. The upload stage finishes when the voting round begins. During voting all entries are locked and can no longer be modified or added. Contestants may not vote in rounds they have entered.

The contest creator may choose whether a contest round is voted on members or by judges. If voting is open to members, any member other than those who entered the contest round may vote. The member votes choose the winner of the round. If the contest round is set to judges only, then only chosen judges may vote to determine the round winner.

Good Luck!