Selling: 1995 Chevy K1500 MANUAL TRANS

Location: Victor, Idaho, United States
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Product Type: Other
Price: $1000 or best offer

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Tired of not getting laid? Then this is the truck for you. Can’t say it won’t help you get any, but who needs pussy (or dick, I don’t judge) when you have a V8. 350ci (5.7 litres for you pussy europeans). 300ish ft/lbs. 190hp (on a good day). 10mpg. 4300lbs of pure badass Detroit iron. Fuck Toyotas, this is the ultimate ski town rig. In pretty good shape for the year. 5 spd manual, trans is in good shape. 4x4 on the floor, in pretty good shape. And, as a bonus, the clutch doubles as a leg press. (for your left leg anyways. you are gonna have to figure out your right leg yourself). 200000ish miles (I’m too lazy go get off the couch and look at the odo). Two owners, me, and some Mormon family. Take from that what you will. Also comes with a topper (with integrated garden). It is a really solid truck, but some motherfucker ate a goddamn bat, so now I have to run to the Canadian border before I get covid from a Texan, or get pissed off and fight a Texan. Now, there are a few things. First, there is a small rust hole in one of the cab corners. Spray some oil in there, and it should be good for a few years. Also a very good place to hide weed. More importantly, that badass 350 V8 that I just mentioned? Yeah I blew the head gaskets on Beartooth pass. Ahh the things we do for skiing. You will need to drop a new motor in it, or do the heads. Shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m leaving Idaho in a week and need it gone. It still runs, and everything aside the engine is great. Hmu for more pics or info. $1000 OBO. ($2000 if you are from Texas, California or the midwest.) TEXANS GET OUT REEEEEEEEEEE


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