Bobby Brown - Roots Lead to Water

by SteptProductions
Oct 17th - 1.1K views

The second installment of the "water" series is about connecting with a place that shaped Bobby Brown's career - Alyeska, Alaska. Most of the film shoots at the resort are centered around one large park-style jump, but this year, Bobby, Stept, and select crew went back with a completely new vision. The team wanted to make the entire mountain a playground littered with hand-shaped and natural features. This type of riding brought the crew back to the days that made them the skiers that they are today. The unique approach matched with Stept's progressive film making style, made for a dream-like session. The entire team is excited to present, "Roots Lead To Water." Featuring: Bobby Brown, Oyster Beaten, Robert Rudd, and Gus Kenworthy

The Big Picture | Lite Years

by Newschoolers
Oct 17th - 3.6K views

Hello, thanks for tuning in. The show's about to begin. What you are about to see, is The Big Picture's first ever movie. After three years and sixteen web edits down, we thought it was time to change things around. We called up the dudes, and told them the news. They put down their brews, and loaded the doos. With two-stroke and pillows, big air and big crashes. Literal close friends, two dudes on one mattress. Join the Logans, Rainville, King, Adams and White, on a powder filled party, assured to leave you in delight. So turn up the volume, lets all have a cheer. We are The Big Picture and this is Lite Years. - Rossignol presents The Big Picture | Lite Years - Featuring: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Mike King & Tanner Rainville Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Airhole, Tall T Productions, 686, Cheetah Factory Racing & Forecast Ski Magazine.

Sam Lee - Treble Cone 2017

by louis.charnaud
Oct 17th - 30 views

A brief video of Sam Lee skiing at Treble Cone this winter just passed. TC has to be one of the best training grounds in the world as the snow is always unpredictable some could say it is "variable". Film & Edit Louis Charnaud Enjoy !

The Parkdale Mansion

by hoodcrew
Oct 16th - 569 views

Straight out of Humboldt, Mazzi visits the 40water mansion and chapter flips into yuppie life. This is 9 days of chemical imbalance, folk music, craft beers, and suspect decision making. Feat. Tommy Two


by codyray
Oct 16th - 1.3K views

just wait for the album.... Thank you Armada Skis, Hestra Gloves, and Roxa Italian Ski Boots


by methscratchface
Oct 15th - 112 views

This marks 36 months of continuous shredding. 19 inches of ratchet ass snow made for some juicier than normal Rocktober turns. Sun cup season is over.

NZ 2017

by jedicrew
Oct 15th - 442 views

Edit from my camera roll after a trip to New Zealand. Some of it is already on insta Skiers: Ferdinand Dahl Thomas Trads Øystein Bråten Birk Ruud Christian Nummedal Felix Usterud - Ferdi

Get Hyped For First Snow

by KingKohler
Oct 15th - 85 views

Pretty chillin day, got out there to the hill with some homies, pretty much built these jumps with our bare hands, then pretty much took turns skiing fast and eating ass, got pretty retarded, went back to my house home put this litass edit together, pretty gud day, sun was shining kids were smiling.

Never Liked Poles Anyway // Elliott Black

by JiblYfe
Oct 14th - 216 views

Fractured a bone in my elbow 1 week after arriving in whis for spring shred, but still managed to get out riding as often as I could! Shout-out to my homie Chace for filming and letting me squat at staff with him. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for watching!

The Wrecka Tapes

by Gucci_Logan
Oct 14th - 636 views

After a year of hard work filming, skiing, and editing. We proudly present "The Wrecka Tapes". A film produced by Logan Taylor featuring skiers doing what they love. Big thanks to everyone who helped out during the making of this film. Featuring the talents of: Johnny White Connor Molesworth Alec Bowman Kenji Mowery Chuck Taylor Logan Taylor Chase Bartholomew Instagram: @gucci_logan


by PeteMahn
Oct 13th - 1.1K views

The 2017-2018 Season has officially begun. An early rise to go along with some early morning laps and hiking. Riders: Zach Ryan, Ben Fuller, and Parker Norvell.