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Broken Radius/ Ulna

Broken Radius/ Ulna

Published Jan 2009
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Left Arm with broken Radius and Ulna on 12/7. My elbow is upper left and my fingers are at the bottom of the image. I got hurt doing Bio 5's in the terrain park. Went too big and spun off axis and overshot the landing. I double ejected, found my skis and poles and put them back on and skied down with a compound fracture. The nearest hospital is an hour and a half away from Telluride. I did not let them cut any of my shirts at the medical center, even my base layer was taken off. "Gimme Morphine!" I was in surgery for over two hours. The result is two stainless steel plates with 12 screws and lots of staples to fix it. This was a fierce breaking of bones and hurt ALOT. I have a scar from my wrist to my elbow from the surgery...But I'm ok and no regrets. Life is short, go big or go home...
The Telluride Medical Center
Me in Pain
The Telluride Medical Center
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