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Glass at Blacks

Glass at Blacks

Published Sep 2008
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The surf was hella small, but it was one of the most memorable sessions of my life. You can tell from the photo how perfect the water was. With the acception of the ripples coming from my buddy taking the photo, it was pure glass. It was like surfing waves in a pond, and the 3 of us were the only ones out there. The surf had been nonexistant all day, so everyone had bounced. But then out of no were a small but clean and steady set came in from the north and lasted for the rest of the day. we stayed out on the water until midnight with nothing but a full moon for light. The waves were small, but the rides were long and very workable. My buddy Ryan who took the photo died in a avalanche the following winter, and this is the day I like to think of when I think of him.
To any of you who are considering learning how to surf, do it. Eventually we will all get to old to throw down in the park or backcountry, but we you can always surf. I is just like kicking it with your friends on the mountain.
Look at it as a retirement investment. There is no reason why Progression can't last until we die.
Ryan Smedley
Me with my brother in the background
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